An Illuminating Partnership with LIFX


October 10, 2017,                                                           

Michael McHale Designs, a New York-based maker of high-end industrial-chic lighting, is announcing a partnership with smart bulb manufacturer LIFX (pronounced “Life-X”)

The Smart Home Collection, starting with its premiere fixture, The Bushwick Lantern (pictured) is designed to become the seat of your smart home. It is a handsome steel and brass structure of horizontal and vertical frames which support a double-wall of crystal. But, inside its spectacular crystal cube, there are housed two LIFX smart bulbs and an Amazon Echo Dot.

Placing this hardware within a hanging light accomplishes several things: It locates the smart microphones within the room exactly where you would want the microphones placed — above the heads of the speakers, unobstructed, and in the middle of the room in the manner of a professional audio boom.

Secondly, it removes wires, plugs and power adapters from the periphery of the room.

And thirdly, it allows customers to incorporate smart technology without having to compromise on their sense of style.

Michael McHale remarked that “incorporating smart technology into our lighting seemed like a natural progression for us, and LIFX was a natural partner for several specific reasons: part of the problem we are addressing is the tyranny of wires and plugs and unsightly plastic black boxes as an inevitable part of smart home interior landscape. Unlike its competitors, LIFX bulbs do not require their own hub or any extra hardware to be able to take commands. Additionally, they happen to be the brightest and most vibrant smart bulbs on the market.” And because there’s no need for extra hardware, The Bushwick Lantern will, after a quick setup with your phone, be able to turn itself off and on, change color, and even move to your music, all on your voice command.

Michael McHale Designs is celebrating its 10th year as a cutting-edge manufacturer of high-end modern industrial-chic lighting. Throughout that decade the common theme has been pushing the aesthetic and functional boundaries of what lighting can be. Over the years it has made lights out of industrial pipes and fittings; it has made chandeliers designed to go outside; and it has even made chandeliers out of old cell phones, and along the way has garnered accolades from celebrities, tastemakers, power brokers, and other people comfortable with their own bold sense of style.

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