Introducing the Bushwick Lantern: Where Luxury Lighting meets the Smart Home


Hi there and happy summer! It's Mario here from MMD. 

If there has been a theme to the lighting we've made over the past decade we've been in business, it's been to rethink basic assumptions we all make about lighting.

Our first rethink was about materials:  we started with lights made of industrial pipes and fittings to create a powerful aesthetic message about the inherent beauty in workaday things. We started making lighting with 3D printers -- and even smartphones.  Then, we challenged the idea of permanence lighting with the Matrix Collection. 

Now, we're addressing the relationship between luxury design and the smart home:

The Bushwick Lantern on its own is a fantastically simple yet new design of two vertical frames surrounded by two horizontal frames, which hold a unique double-wall of crystal prisms. We fused it with Amazon's Echo Dot and smart lighting from LIFX. The Bushwick Lantern has a life of its own to where it is able to take commands on the Echo Dot being in its prime location. Additionally, you can use the Echo Dot with the LIFX lighting to turn the fixture on and off, dim it, and turn it different colors, all with just voice commands. Truly interactive's that simple. 

From now until the 4th of July, we are offering the Bushwick Lantern Smart Chandelier Version for 30% off the retail price, and the Bushwick Lantern Standard Chandelier Version (without the smart home tech) for 30% off its retail price. Just enter the code BUSHWICK at checkout.

Additionally, if you had your eye on a banqueting chandelier or other light in one of our collections, everything we sell is on sale at 20% off from now until July 4. Just enter the code JULY4 at checkout.


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