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NTDWL (Nothing To Do With Lighting): My Trip to Europe

NTDWL (Nothing To Do With Lighting): My Trip to Europe

If you called us during the month of July, you may have spoken to me while I was hiking on a mountain in the Italian Alps. The fact that you can get clear-as-a-bell cell phone reception up there is its own kind of crime. As is the fact that I kept my phone on for it, but that's another story.

Anyway, If anyone invites you to go hiking in the Italian Alps, my strong advice is to go:


One thing I couldn't get over was how wonderful the tap water was. Clean, pure, delicious! Better than Evian and without the indignity of being stored in a chemical-leeching plastic bottle. Yet all the restaurants were offering bottled water the way every restaurant does. 

Even if you have the American Rockies in your backyard, The Alps are different.  Also, where can you visit France, Switzerland, and Italy all during a single day out?

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