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Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier (12 Bulb)

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Own an original icon of modern industrial style lighting! Ideal for a wide range of applications beyond the dining room, this 12-bulb Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier is our most popular fixture. At 42" x 11", and featuring 12 lights, this modern lighting fixture is made of rough-hewn industrial gas pipes and fittings, and contrasted with high-quality gem-cut crystal. It is designed to fit perfectly over standard six or eight-seat dining room tables, or above any kitchen island. It will be the spectacular focal point of any dining room, kitchen, bar, or hallway - really any space you'd like to feature gorgeous, modern, and artistic conversation piece. The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier is complex -- yet it won't overwhelm a room. Its orderly array of crystals create corridors of light, sparkle, and space. By getting the proportions between the contrasting elements exactly right, this chandelier pops as a study in masculine/feminine, formal/informal, and rough/smooth contrasts. Installation is super-simple and doesn't require any special skills or equipment. A plain white 5" canopy and two discreet ceiling hooks are included.

  • Real, high-quality optically-pure crystal
  • Handmade in Brooklyn USA from rough black steel pipes and fittings
  • Easy to Install; hanging height adjustable to 40"; plain white disc canopy and discreet zinc-plated ceiling hardware included.
  • Dimmable; compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs