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Matrix Crystal Linear Suspension Chandelier

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The Matrix Crystal Linear Suspension Chandelier is a figurative shower of light, refraction, and highly-polished crystal. Random chains of high-quality crystal octagons and squares hang from a taut steel cable grid to create the appearance of flowing water. The all-clear crystal is optically pure and of very high quality. This means that, although it is clear, it will pick up a great deal of color from the room, and will also refract rainbows of refracted light across the room. The up-lighting sockets of the Matrix have been capped-off, giving the up-lights the appearance of smoke stacks, like a sleek vessel navigating crystal-clear, turbulent seas.

  • Real, high-quality optically-pure crystal
  • Easy to Install; hanging height adjustable to 40"; rectangular stainless steel finish canopy.
  • Dimmable; compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs