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Industrial Collection Linear Chandelier


These beautiful industrial chic linear chandeliers feature either five or seven bulbs in a straight-line, flanked by curtains of super-high quality crystal hanging from taut steel rails. 

This fixture is available in either black steel or brass, and with either all clear crystal, or with both  clear crystal and  colored accent crystals.  If you would like a custom color array, please let us know (you can give us color instructions in the notes section in the shopping cart). We will make this fixture just for you.

While the 5-bulb, 33″ Linear Chandelier is our most popular size — and the one you can order straight off the site, we often do custom sizes for this fixture. If you want something in a particular size, we’d be happy to make your piece custom. For pricing, figure on it being a percentage increase – so a piece one-third longer than the model on this page would be a third more expensive. But call to confirm a quote with us.
*If you choose the colored crystal option, we will be in touch with you after your purchase to discuss your preferred palette.