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Tribeca 8-Bulb Mini-Banqueting Chandelier


29"l x 11"w x 10"h

The Tribeca Mini-Banqueting Chandelier is a smaller version of the Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier, and is perfectly suited for applications where a shorter linear fixture is called for: hallways, smaller dining room tables, kitchen islands, or over coffee tables.

At 29" x 11", and featuring 8 lights, this modern lighting fixture is made from rough-hewn industrial gas pipes and fittings, and contrasted with high-quality gem-cut crystal.

The Banqueting Chandelier is complex -- yet it doesn't overwhelm a room. Its orderly array of high quality gem-cut crystals create corridors of light, sparkle, and space. By getting the proportions between the contrasting elements exactly right, the Banqueting Chandelier pops as a study in masculine/feminine, formal/informal, and rough/smooth contrasts.

Installation is super-simple and doesn't require any special skills or equipment.  A plain white 5" canopy and two discreet ceiling hooks are included.