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Tribeca 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendant


9"l x 11"w x 12"h

At first glance, The Tribeca 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendant looks like a traditional tiered chandelier. But wait - something is different: Its structure is formed by by black steel gas pipes and fittings to create a muscular frame. That masculine framework is then drenched with top quality gem-cut crystal, creating a spectacular message in contrast.

Getting the contrast right between rough and smooth, masculine and feminine, formal and informal is what Michael McHale Designs chandeliers are know for, of which the Tribec 9-Bulb Compact Chandelier Pendant is a fantastic example.

Hang it whereever you would hang a decorative pendant: in a foyer, a hallway, or over kitchen islands or dining room tables. They may be hung in clusters of threes or fives for a showstopping installation.