Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier


The mother of all banqueting chandeliers, the Industrial Collection was our very first banqueting chandelier, and the the one with earned our reputation. The difference between this fixture and the Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier? Good question. Here are the main differences:

The Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier is bigger, using larger gauge pipe and standard E-26 edison sockets. It also has more crystals, including larger, fancier crystals and they are 100% Swarovski.

This version allows for various options, including finishes (black steel or brass), as well as colored crystal

This fixture is available in either black steel or brass, and with either all clear Swarovski crystal, or with both Swarovski clear crystal and Swarovski colored accent crystals. 

*If you choose the colored crystal option, we will be in touch after your order to confirm your palette preferences. You can also let us know any special requests you might have at that time.


45"l  x 12"w  x 14"h (subject to your particular specifications)