Industrial Collection Compact Pendant Chandelier


The Five-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandelier (8” x 8”) is an industrial blow-torch of light and crystal. This is one of Michael McHale designs most popular industrial-chic steel pipe modern lighting design concepts.

The Five-Bulb Pendant Chandelier features five bulbs in a tight symmetrical pattern lubricated by a clear or colorful flow of crystal, which plays with and amplifies the light. Perfect for a multitude of interior design applications in home and hospitality.

Crystals may be rearranged over time to change the look and feel of the piece. It’s a perfect addition to foyers, over tables, in kitchens — anywhere you would put modern standard pendant lighting.


*If you choose the colored crystal option, we will be in touch after your order to confirm your palette preferences.

8"w  x  8"d  x  11"h