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The Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca Collection of Industrial Chandeliers, Linear Suspensions and Pendants


The Tribeca Collection is our starter collection of black steel chandeliers, pendants and sconces which convey our industrial-chic aesthetic at its most affordable.

The designer collection consists of chandeliers, pendants, linear suspensions, flush-mount lights, sconces and lamps. What they all have in common is that they are made from rough-hewn black steel industrial components -- elements of our built environment which our eyes have been trained to ignore. We use the familiar geometry of these parts to create simple but highly intuitive fixtures which are then contrasted with high-quality all-clear optically-pure gem-cut bohemian crystal.

The contrast between everyday elements and exquisite elements forms something special. There is deeply satisfying message in all these lights: the wabi sabi coexistence of rough and smooth, of masculine and feminine, of formal and informal. Once you get it, you fall in love.

The Tribeca Collection is our starter collection. We also do a step-up collection called the Industrial Collection. Everything in that collection is a little bigger and fancier. All those chandeliers are made-to-order and come with more finish, size, and crystal options.