MMD was founded in 2007 by a creatively minded entertainment lawyer who was searching for a striking light fixture at a well-known design showroom. Unimpressed with the offerings, Michael McHale set out on a mission to redefine what luxury lighting could be.

Known as a pioneer and much-imitated leader in industrial-chic lighting design, Michael McHale Designs (MMD) has consistently challenged conventional notions of what high-end lighting can be and what it can do. 

MMD is about transformation. Just like its founder, who transformed mid-career from entertainment lawyer to chandelier maker, MMD transforms the ordinary materials of our built environment into beautiful and memorable lighting forms that are aesthetically satisfying and timeless.

MMD lighting collections answer some interesting questions:

How can unconventional materials be utilized to evoke an emotional response from customers?
(See the Tribeca and Industrial Collections)

How can LED tech be deployed in luxury lighting without compromise?
(see The Crystal Cage Collection)

What can be done about perceived permanence of lighting, limiting it as an art form?(see The Matrix Collection)

How can decorative lighting become an integral part of the wired smart home?
(see The Bushwick Collection)

Tastemakers all over the world have been drawn to Michael McHale Designs.

“Our McHale Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier literally elicits gasps of admiration from people who see it for the first time. "

Top Chef Tom Colicchio 

"Michael McHale Designs is a well-respected lighting brand within the designer community, a reputation they earned by introducing innovative new collections over the years that consistently reimagine what high-end lighting can be, and that are all thoughtfully constructed in the USA out of quality materials."

Linda Longo, Managing Editor, US Lighting Trends

MMD has received countless five-star reviews over the years.

"Michael's design screams 'cool and sexy', unlike most things about Washington DC, and added industrial touch. An extra bonus for my family, is when the sun sets through our kitchen window and catches the light of the crystals, it casts a multitude of happy rainbows throughout the room."

Former CA Senator Barbara Boxer and acclaimed filmmaker Nicole Boxer

"We have two McHale Chandeliers in our New York home: an Industrial Collection Three-Bulb Linear Pendant, and a Bryce Collection Grand Chandelier. We appreciate the innovative qualities of both these pieces very much, and they are each very much at home in a grand home full of distinguished design. Some of our decor is quite traditional and it's amazing how well these modern lights go with everything."

Advertising Legend Sir Martin Sorrell and Lady Cristiana Falcone-Sorrell

"I first saw Michael’s lights in New York City and I fell in love with them. They became the featured design element of our upscale restaurant just off Red Square in Moscow. Michael’s pendants and sconces are the rave. Everyone loves them and getting them is a decision I will never regret.”

International Restauranteur Isaac Correa

Amongst other high-profile commissions from Doha to Miami, London to Moscow, Michael McHale Designs created the largest chandelier on Broadway -- currently on display in the mega-restaurant Bacall's in the old New York Times Building.


New for 2022, The Crystal Cage Collection uses advanced dim-to-warm LED engines to shine abundant warm light through thousands of crystals for more refraction and low-key shimmer than any other lights on the planet.

The collection that made us famous. Narrow-gauge black-steel gas pipes are contrasted with gorgeous gem-cut, optically-pure crystal for an industrial-chic look that has fans doing a double-take before they realize the inherent satisfaction that comes with realizing how amazing it is that such rough components can be used to make something so refined. 

The Matrix Collection is unique because they are all based on a single modern fixture designed designed to scaffolding which can hold various decorative elements, utterly transforming it from one type of light to another. Now you can change your lighting like you change your mind: on a whim and without an electrician.


These handsome glitter boxes featuring a double-wall of crystal prisms, guarding smart bulbs and an Amazon Echo Dot inside. This configuration confers several advantages, allowing the consumer to turn the chandelier on and off by voice, as well as placing the device microphone in the middle of the room and without unsightly wires and power bricks.


The Bryce Collection is inspired by our industrial collections, but made with our own CNC-milled aluminum hardware — designed to be sleek, abstracted versions of the workaday pipe fittings of our other collections.


The Industrial Collection was our step-up, made-to-order collection. These fixtures featured larger gauge pipe fittings with porcelain sockets, fancier Swarovski crystal, and options for finish and colored accent crystals.


The RAW Collection strips away the chic and is all industrial pipes and sand-cast fittings for a stark masculine look. 


MMD has made a number of eclectic table and floor lamps, each following the various design principles of our collections.


MMD has made a number of eclectic table and floor lamps, each following the various design principles of its different collections.

MMD has taken commissions over the years in line with its design mission. Everything has been fresh and memorable and as spectacular as the set and setting allow.

For all licensing opportunities, please contact:

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Sungate Partners
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