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MMD Frequently Asked Questions

The MMD Guarantee

You are considering doing something people didn't really start doing until a few years ago: buying a (relatively) big ticket design item -- without seeing one in real life beforehand. For this purchase to be worth it, you need to love it.And, of course, you won't know for sure if you love it until you've seen it in action. 


We understand this -- which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to take a chance with us:If you install your new fixture and you're not delighted with it, you can return it within 14 days from when you received it for a full refund of the purchase price.We will ship to you for free (for pieces not discounted further than 20%), though please keep in mind that we are a small company and cannot reimburse your shipping expenses back to us in the unlikely event that you don't love your light.

The MMD Warranty

Michael McHale Designs is committed to the highest standards in the creation of our products and in our service to customers. We guarantee your product to be free from physical defects in material and workmanship for a period of one-year from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event of a defect, please contact us at anytime within one year of the date of purchase* we will repair the product at our expense.


If it is necessary to return a fixture to us, you will cover cost of shipping expenses for delivery of the fixture to Michael McHale Designs for repair, and we will cover the cost of shipping the light fixture back to you. This Warranty is limited to defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover damage caused by improper installation, abuse, misuse, dropping, unauthorized modification, lightning, water, or power surge damage. If you have any questions about the MMD Warranty, please contact us. 


 * If your fixture took more than a few weeks to fabricate and you have a warranty-related issue, we will post-date the year coverage period to one-year since you received the fixture. Just let us know those details when you contact us.

Tell me about crystal

We offer two types of crystal for our fixtures. The Tribeca Collection features high quality bohemian crystal, and our Industrial Collection and Bryce Collection fixtures feature Swarovski Crystal.Both types of crystal are extremely high-quality and both are considered "optically pure."​Optical purity is achieved during the cooling process of making crystal. Most crystal, when it is made, is allowed to cool naturally, which means it cools like a cake would (cooling faster on the inside than the outside). The disparity in temperatures results in tiny striations, which you can see on close inspection. These slight striations slightly distort the path of light passing through the crystal. It’s subtle but becomes very apparent once you are aware of it.While the crystal we use for Tribeca fixtures is amazing, the Swarovski crystal of the Industrial and Bryce Collections is definitely an upgrade, for three reasons: First, it provides even more clarity than our bohemian crystal; second, it has a dust-resistant coating for more carefree maintenence, and thirdly, it has the Swarovski brand name attached to it, which may be important to some customers, either for publicity purposes, or for resale value, as their brand is has worldwide recognition.We have found that when it comes to colored crystal, no other crystal compares to Swarovski when it comes to brilliance, clarity, and vibrancy, and we will use no other colored crystal for this reason. This is also why only the Industrial Collection and Bryce Collection fixtures can be ordered with colored crystal.

Are these things heavy?

Not really. They certainly weigh less than most people think.The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier, representative of an approximate average size and weight of the lighting we sell - weighs only about 14 lbs total. If any thoughts occurred to you about reinforcing your ceiling, lose those thoughts: any ceiling can easily hold the weight of all of our lighting.

How does shipping work?

All MMD Lighting is shipped flat-packed. We ship all fixtures free anywhere throughout the continental United States. Free shipping applies to retail purchases only, and cannot be combined with any discounts. As we are a small independent company, any return shipments would be at the customer’s cost. Any replacement or upgraded orders will incur standard shipping charges. If a customer wishes to use their own shipping service, we will gladly cooperate to make items available for pick-up. Just let us know how you want to arrange it.Shipping within the continental US - Free for non-sale items sold at retail price. All other shipping is done at UPS's ground rate, and passed onto the customer. It's almost always pretty reasonable, rarely exceeding 6% or so of the purchase price.International Shipping: For our customers outside the United States, shipping charges will be added to your order prior to checkout . If your country charges tariffs/duty in excess of our listed shipping charge, we reserve the right to contact you to cover the difference prior to shipment. If you work with your own shipping company, we would be happy to work with them. Please contact us to make those arrangements. We use UPS (United Postal Service) for international shipments, and DHL for international air shipments (for when it needs to get there quickly and you don't mind paying a buck or two to make that happen).for more information regarding Michael McHale shipping policies, please see our shipping policy page​.

Are these lights UL-listed?

The Matrix Collection is UL listed. For our Tribeca, Industrial, Bryce, and RAW Collections, all are made with 100% UL-listed components but the fixtures are not themselves listed (UL makes it difficult for small artisan studios like ours to cost-effectively list all our fixtures).​


If you would like a fixture in one of those collections UL listed, please let us know and we can run it over to get it certified at a UL testing facility for a small upcharge. There is no difference between one of our fixtures which has been UL-listed and one that has not been, other than the UL sticker and the up-charge.

How quickly can you deliver?

Tribeca Collection, RAW Collection and Matrix Collection fixtures are ready-to-ship and can usually be shipped somewhere between two and five business days if in stock. If we're out of stock, we can usually make and ship an order in under two weeks (if you need the piece by a certain time, please let us know and we will move heaven and earth to make that happen).Industrial Collection and Bryce Collection pieces, are made-to-order, so please allow 4-9 weeks for delivery. If you have a particular deadline you need to meet, please let us know -- we can usually arrange things to meet your deadline.