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Inspiration Gallery

Thoughtfully-made decorative lighting can be the jewelry for your home. Here's some inspiration:

Shop Linear Suspensions

A Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier over a kitchen island
The Matrix Istanbul Linear Suspension
The Tribeca Mini-Banqueting Chandelier Linear Suspension
The amazing Industrial Triple-Rail Chandelier
A Matrix Crystal Chandelier over a dining room table
A Tribeca Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension
The Industrial Banqueting Chandelier Linear Suspension
The Matrix Floral Linear Suspension
The Raw Double Decker Linear Suspension
The Raw 5-Bulb Bar Linear Suspension
The Industrial 5-Bulb Bar Chandelier in Bronze

Shop linear suspensions here.


The Tribeca X-Chandelier Pendant
Industrial 9-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandelier
A cluster of Tribeca Single-Bulb Chandelier Pendants
Three Tribeca 9-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandeliers
The Tribeca Compact 5-Bulb Chandelier Pendant
Industrial 3-Bulb Pendant Chandelier
Tribeca Beacon Chandelier
Industrial 5-Bulb Compact Chandelier Pendant

Shop pendants here.

Most Popular

The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier
The Tribeca Table Lamp
The Tribeca 7-Bulb Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension
The Tribeca X-Chandelier Pendant

Custom Work

Huge, Spectacular Centerpieces for Hospitality or Grand Homes
Double-Walled Glitterboxes
Brutalist Waxed Steel Pendants
Crystal Barrel Pendants
Fixtures designed to hold silk flowers
Modern chandeliers made with high quality bronze
Custom Fixtures from your own designs (like this naval-themed Oyster Bar Linear Suspension)
Rugged Outdoor Chandeliers to get the world's attention

Shop Custom here.


Sconces for Hospitality
A Tribeca Sconce for Discerning Homes
Outdoor Sconces for Hotels

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