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"Chandeliers made out of plumbing pipe? What would Louis XIV have thought? Actually, given their playful and original contrast of dripping crystals and muscular pipes, he might have gone for them in a big way.” Read more

“To mix the great outdoors with a chandelier would seem to make an odd cocktail; but Michael McHale knows how to do it. This master of the modern has invented the deconstructed chandelier. Call it industrial chic meets glamor…The (Outdoor Chandelier) casts light with pomp and drama around the immediate environment, maneuvering moonlight and sunlight alike as if they were sculptural elements.” Read more

"A bright idea! Michael McHale Designs uses its two 3-D printers to craft frames in the design of bicycle gears for crystal chandeliers." 

“Former entertainment lawyer-turned-lighting designer Michael McHale creates chandeliers that are as much about structure as they are shimmering crystal…Michael McHale Designs is drafting a new vision for the chandelier, utilizing such rough and ready materials as patinated brass pipes and fittings, refrigerator bulbs, and appliance tubing in concert with the finest crystal available.”  
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"(McHale's) pieces combine repurposed piping materials with fine crystal, for a high-low silhouette that are anything but ordinary."  Read more...

“Former entertainment lawyer Michael McHale had an artistic epiphany while searching for a chandelier for his Brooklyn Heights apartment and finding nothing to his liking. 'Beauty is all around us—in hardware stores, in basements, everywhere,' he says. 'It just has to be harnessed in the right way.' So he found distressed brass pipes and fittings with the patina of years of use (reclaimed from building sites), dressed them up with a dazzling array of fine European crystals, and added low-wattage refrigerator bulbs for a soft glow. The result? Simply stunning.”  Read more

“Magnificent; dazzling; majestic…” Read more

“These chandeliers from Michael McHale combine my favorite elements: something a little industrial meets something majorly glam.” Read more

"Michael McHale's lighting is a unique mix of industrial style and cool elegance. By pairing plumbing pipe fittings with crystal embellishments, Michael has created light fixtures that walk the line between bohemian and luxury." Read more...

Crystal ornaments dangle on steel threads from the Outdoor chandelier’s 16-inch-wide mount of re-purposed red brass. The rubberized sockets accept not only mini floodlights but also any outdoor bulb with a standard socket.”

"Our McHale Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier literally elicits gasps of admiration from people who see it for the first time. The mix of elegant and industrial fits our loft — and our lives — perfectly."

Tom Colicchio is the host of Top Chef; Laurie Silverbush is the producer of the influential documentary A Place at The Table

"We have two McHale Chandeliers in our New York home:  an Industrial Collection Three-Bulb Linear Pendant, and a Bryce Collection Grand Chandelier.   

We appreciate the innovative qualities of both these pieces very much. While they are without a doubt fine examples of modern design, they both fit in beautifully in our 100+ year old living room.”

Lady Cristiana Falcone-Sorrell is an advisor at the World Economic Forum; Sir Martin Sorrell is the chair of international advertising megafirm WPP.

"I first saw Michael’s lights in New York City and I fell in love with them. I liked them so much I decided to contact Michael personally to discuss the possibility of him designing the lighting for my upscale Moscow cafe. Although we have a lot of things that stick out. Michael’s chandeliers, pendants and sconces are the rave. Everyone loves them and getting them is a decision I will never regret.”

Isaac Correa is a renown international restaurateur.

“Our Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier is the perfect centerpiece of our loft, as it is at the confluence of the industrial brick, walls, tin ceilings and wood pillars and our contemporary finishes. As it hangs below a skylight it throws off the most beautiful colors which delight our kids in the early morning. It’s absolutely my favorite piece in our home. ”

J Moses is the founder of Bagooba and Take2 Games

“Given the client’s interest in food and entertaining, I wanted to highlight the dining room as not only a space for food and gathering, but also as a focal point in the residence. By painting the walls a rich, warm, black, the goal of distinguishing the dining area from the open living space was achieved. 

​When I saw Michael McHale’s chandeliers, I immediately knew that I had found the perfect finishing touch. 

​Michael McHale’s gorgeous chandeliers combine  art and craftsmanship to bring a perfect balance of warmth and rock n' roll glamor to any space."

Jillian Gage is a New York-based interior designer

"When we decided to renovate our Capitol Hill kitchen, I knew the center of attention would be a fantastic, light fixture— located directly above our island. I had seen a breathtaking fixture while visiting New York, and for a couple weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful chandelier. I had to have it. Thankfully, I tracked down Michael’s website. Then, in fact, I bought two. My kitchen is bright white, with clean lines.  Michael’s design screams ‘cool and sexy’, unlike most things about Washington DC, and added an industrial touch.  An extra bonus for my family: when the sun sets through our kitchen window and catches the light of the crystals, it casts a multitude of happy rainbows throughout the room. Thanks Michael, we love your work.”

Nicole Boxer is a film producer, Washington insider, and one of the only people ever to have been married in The White House.

“We were very pleased to work with Michael McHale on the American Express Skybox. His genre-breaking and beautiful pieces work so well on so many different levels — the contrast between rough and smooth, industrial and chic, and will be truly at home in the Skybox, an environment where great design is crucial.”

Frank Cafaro is the owner of Desiron in New York City

​" I am completely and utterly obsessed with Michael McHale chandeliers.  From what I can tell, it’s a relatively simple design – just pipes and crystal trim – but I think it blends utilitarian chic with decadent glamour in such a unique, striking way. I must own one."

"We first saw Michael’s work at a New York design store and fell in love with the marriage between elegant and industrial. Upon moving into our new home, we knew we had to have one sitting above our dining room table and worked with Michael to craft a custom piece perfect for our space. Michael was a pleasure to work with and totally understood what we envisioned.  Upon installation, it turned out even better than we could have ever hoped! It’s the first thing in our apartment that people ask about!”

Caroline Loomis Klein is a New York-based Development and Event Consultant

My RAW Collection Mini Banqueting Linear Suspension is perfect industrial lighting fixture, and was the final piece to my vinyl mezzanine puzzle. Thank you Michael for creating beautiful lighting that makes an incredibly powerful statement!

David Schoonmaker is a 
co-founding partner at the marketing firm D+R LATHIAN