Congratulations on your purchase of a Michael McHale Designs Fixture. This page covers a few issues which might come up during installation, and how to quickly solve them.

Broken Steel Threads

Many of our fixtures ship with threaded steel loops to hold crystals. Occasionally during either transport or installation, these threads can get broken or the thread separates from the connecting "crimp."

There is are two ways to fix this, and one is much easier, quicker and cheaper than the other. Your fixture is guaranteed for a year, and if you ship it back to us, we will fix and ship it back to you. You are responsible for the costs of shipping it back to us, and you may want to consider fixing it yourself by following these steps. It is easy and will only cost you a few dollars:

What you will need:

The materials you will need to fix are available at any beading or craft store, or available online if you don't have a beading store in your area:

The steel thread we use is called Beadalon 0.015" steel thread. It's readily available in small quantities at most beading stores, but you can also get them here.  You will also need crimps -- small hollow tubes which when crushed keeps two ends of steel thread together. We use nickel plated Beadalon crimps in size #2. Here's a link to see what they look like.

We use a special crimping tool to crush the crimp, but it is not necessary - a pair of pliers will do the job (make sure the ends of the pliers touch...some do and some don't).

Once you get these two things, just cut the steel thread to the right size (all our steel thread loops are in multiples on our fixtures, so you should have an intact loop which will guide you on how long the thread should be), put the crimp in the right place, and crush into place with your pliers. Tug on it to make sure it's tight.

It should be a pretty easy 2-minute fix once you have these materials. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, if your fixture is in-warranty, please send it back to us and we will replace the loop.