Bushwick Lantern Crystal Pendant SMART EDITION


16"h x 12"l x 12"w

This light fixture is the Bushwick Lantern SMART EDITION. For the Standard Edition, click here.



The BUSHWICK LANTERN SMART EDITION (or "SMART CHANDELIER") is designed to house and power an Amazon Echo Dot plus two advanced LIFX smart light bulbs. It is designed to be the seat of your smart home. Housing smart devices in a pendant light offers several advantages:

  • The SMART CHANDELIER places the microphone of the Echo Dot in the middle of the room above the voices, a highly preferred position -- the same place where an audio boom would be positioned for a television or film production. The SMART CHANDELIER places your smart home's microphone in the optimal position to pick up voice commands.
  • Say goodbye to the wires associated with smart home technology. Wires and transformers are hidden within the body of THE SMART CHANDELIER. Free up electrical outlets and table space.
  • The Echo Dot uses colored LED lights while it is processing commands and because
    • THE SMART CHANDELIER houses the Dot behind a cube of optically-pure crystal, that LED lights the Echo Dot displays while thinking are rendered infinitely more attractive and interesting behind the double-wall of optically-pure high quality crystal.
    • THE SMART CHANDELIER comes with smart LIFX light bulbs which can be controlled by voice with the Echo Dot. You can therefore turn the fixture on and off, dim it, and turn it different colors, all with just voice commands. 
    • Use your smartphone to program the lights to come on according to your schedule, change their color -- even have the lights dance to your music.