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Bushwick Smart Home Chandelier Linear Suspension


16"h x 38"l x 12"w

Finish: matte black horizontal frames and distressed bronze vertical frames.

The BUSHWICK SMART HOME CHANDELIER LINEAR SUSPENSION is a simple but extraordinarily elegant design consisting of two vertical frames surrounded by two horizontal frames and a double-wall of optically pure superior-quality gem-cut crystal prisms.

This long chandelier looks amazing as a conventional light fixture and may be used with any type of bulb.

But it has a secret: At your option, you can equip this fixture with an Amazon Echo Dot (or Google Home Mini) and/or Smart Bulbs (not included), which will transform it from a beautiful piece of modern design to something even more special: The elegant center of your smart home.

What are the advantages of doing things this way?

  • It places the microphone of the Echo Dot in the middle of the room above the voices -- a highly preferred position. This is the same place where an audio boom would be positioned for a television or film production. It will be in an optimal place to pick up voices from anywhere in the room.
  • It allows you to say goodbye to the clutter of all those wires, plastic boxes, and wall plugs associated with smart home technology. All of those things are hidden within the body of within The BUSHWICK SMART HOME CHANDELIER.
  • The colorful lights of your smart bulbs and the on-board lights of the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot are contained behind a double-wall of the highest-quality pure crystal prisms, which refract, distort, and re-arrange the colored light into a fascinating and subtle light show available in no other place.
  • The BUSHWICK LANTERN is one of the first light fixtures which combines high-end artisanal design with the latest and best smart home technology for the best possible aesthetic as well as technological experience.