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Industrial Mini-Banqueting Chandelier


The Mini-Banqueting Chandelier is the smaller version of the Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier , preserving its overall look and feel in a more compact package. Perfect for placing over smaller tables, kitchen islands or as the centerpiece for smaller rooms.

As with all Industrial Collection chandeliers, only superior quality crystal is used (either all clear or with colored accent crystals)

Banqueting chandeliers are the most popular model of McHale industrial style chandeliers, and it’s easy to see why. Embodying the signature Michael McHale Designs aesthetic of seemingly contrasting elements of steel pipe and glamorous crystal, these chandeliers are functional art. While having a simple, almost intuitive design, Banqueting chandeliers effectively utilize the airspace over 8- or 12-foot tables by creating no less than seven “corridors” of crystals and light. They are spectacular modern lighting pieces, suitable virtually anywhere.