Tribeca Three-Bulb Pendant


An industrial-chic steel pipe and high quality crystal three bulb modern pendant chandelier. The Tribeca Three-Bulb Pendant lights up areas where a single source of light just won’t do. This little gem hangs from its electrical cord, so there’s no need for a separate steel cable. The Tribeca Three-Bulb Pendant illuminates and glamorizes any small space.

7.5″l x 1.5″w x 6″h

The Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca Collection is our starter collection of black steel chandeliers, pendants and sconces which convey our industrial-chic aesthetic at its most affordable.

Lights made of rough-hewn industrial components -- elements of our built environment which our eyes have been trained to ignore -- are built into simple but highly intuitive fixtures which are then contrasted with high-quality all-clear optically-pure bohemian crystal.  

Those elements combine to form a powerful aesthetic message about what's capable of beauty in the form of showstopping chandeliers.