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Tribeca Chandelier Pendant (9-Bulb)

Sales tax may apply

10"l x 10"w x 12"h

At first glance, The 9-bulb Tribeca Chandelier Pendant looks like a traditional tiered chandelier. But wait - something is different... The structure of this chandelier is formed by black steel gas pipes and fittings to create a masculine frame. That masculine framework is then drenched with top quality gem-cut crystal, creating a spectacular message in contrast. Getting the contrast right between rough and smooth, masculine and feminine, formal and informal is what Michael McHale Designs does best, and this is a fantastic example. Hang it wherever you would hang a decorative pendant: in a foyer, a hallway, or over kitchen islands or dining room tables. Hang in clusters of 3-5 for a show stopping installation.

  • Real, high-quality optically-pure crystal
  • Handmade in Brooklyn USA from rough black steel pipes and fittings
  • Easy to Install; hanging height adjustable to 50"; plain white disc canopy included.
  • Dimmable; compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs