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MAXIMALIST industrial-glam chandeliers from nyc

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Since 2007, acclaimed lighting studio Michael McHale Designs has been combining rough industrial materials with heirloom-quality crystal to create chandeliers and other lights that are at once masculine and feminine, formal and informal, and that work well in all decors. Perfect for those who are bored with all the ubiquitous ho-hum, factory-made light fixtures and are looking for genre-defying centerpieces with artistic provenance.

Most Popular Lights from our Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier

The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier

The Tribeca Table Lamp

The Tribeca Table Lamp

The Tribeca 7-Bulb Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension

The Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension Chandelier

The Tribeca X-Chandelier Pendant

The Tribeca X-Chandelier

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Beloved By Our Customers


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Acclaimed By Press, Designers and Tastemakers

Discover why interior designers, architects, tastemakers, press, and regular people who are confident in their own good taste are all raving about the lighting of Michael McHale Designs.

unique lighting fixtures by Michael McHale

Top Chef Host Tom Colicchio with his Industrial Banqueting Chandelier

Linear Suspensions

Spectacular marquee light fixtures to place over dining room tables, kitchen islands,  over sofas or coffee tables -- or any place that needs to be lit exquisitely.

A Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier over a kitchen island

The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier

The Matrix Istanbul Linear Suspension

The Matrix Istanbul Linear Suspension

The Tribeca Mini-Banqueting Chandelier Linear Suspension

The Tribeca Mini-Banqueting Chandelier

The amazing Industrial Triple-Rail Chandelier

The Industrial Collection Triple-Rail Chandelier

A Tribeca Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension

The Tribeca Bar Linear Suspension Chandelier

The Industrial Banqueting Chandelier Linear Suspension

The Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier

The Raw Double Decker Linear Suspension

The Raw Collection Double-Decker Linear Suspension

The Raw 5-Bulb Bar Linear Suspension

The Raw Collection Bar Linear Suspension

The Matrix Floral Linear Suspension

The Matrix Floral Linear Suspension

More Linear

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Hang these pendant chandeliers in clusters to fill the airspace over furniture, or choose a larger fixture to light up foyers, libraries, entranceways, or grand rooms.

The Tribeca X-Chandelier Pendant

The Tribeca X-Chandelier Pendant

Industrial 9-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandelier

The Industrial Collection 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendant

A cluster of Tribeca Single-Bulb Chandelier Pendants

Tribeca Single-Bulb Chandelier Pendants

Three Tribeca 9-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandeliers

Tribeca 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendants

The Tribeca Compact 5-Bulb Chandelier Pendant

The Tribeca 5-Bulb Compact Chandelier Pendant

Industrial 3-Bulb Pendant Chandelier

The Industrial Collection 3-Bulb Chandelier Pendant

Tribeca Beacon Chandelier

The Tribeca Beacon Chandelier Pendant

More Pendants

Custom Lighting Fixtures

If something you've seen on this page has captured your imagination, but needs to be changed for what you have in mind, let us know. We can custom-make a chandelier just for you.

Huge, Spectacular Centerpieces for Hospitality or Grand Homes

Large, oversized chandeliers for grand spaces

Double-Walled Glitterboxes

Our unique take on glitter-box pendants

Brutalist Waxed Steel Pendants

Unique, brutalist artistic fixtures

Crystal Barrel Pendants

Our very special Crystal Barrel Pendants

Custom Fixtures from your own designs (like this naval-themed Oyster Bar Linear Suspension)

Thematic light light fixtures like this one for The Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn

Fixtures designed to hold silk flowers

Custom floral fixtures

Modern chandeliers made with high quality bronze

Our designs in custom materials (like this one in yellow brass)

Rugged Outdoor Chandeliers to get the world's attention

Chandeliers adapted for outdoor use

More Custom Fixtures

Meet the Designer

For years, Michael McHale was a pretty creative guy stuck in a fairly uncreative profession. He was an entertainment lawyer specializing in international television formats. But after years of drafting production agreements and  format licenses for shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and The Weakest Link, he realized that his creative itch wasn't being scratched. All that changed in 2007.

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Within a few months of its founding, MMD was featured in The New York Times, which launched the company. Since then, MMD has been featured in dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, Interior Design, New York Magazine, OK Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Hospitality Design, Cool Hunting, and Apartment Therapy, amongst others.

MMD has received hundreds of five-star reviews over the years. Clients have included Top Chef Tom Colicchio (pictured), US Senator Barbara Boxer, and advertising magnate Sir Martin Sorrell, amongst others. MMD built the largest chandelier on Broadway, numerous fixtures for marquee hotels all over the world, chic fashion showrooms in Doha, Shanghai and Dubai, and drop-dead gorgeous lighting for thousands of homeowners who are secure in their own good taste.

Over the past 17 years, MMD has exhibited at numerous trade shows over the years, including The Architectural Digest Home Show, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), High Point, The Dallas International Light Fair, and The West Edge Design Fair.

Dreaming of Crystals

Would you like to know more about the various types of crystal out there and what to look for? We have thought a lot about crystal and have scoured the world in search of quality.

Read Our Crystal Quality Guide

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