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The Chandelier Blog at Michael McHale Designs

  • Keen for "The Keen"

    Keen for "The Keen"

    We're excited to showcase our latest collaboration with The Keen (1708 Lombard St.) out in Philadelphia. Their delightful menu captures good ole American flavors and flair, and well...we like how they've lit up the place. I'd personally recommend the  pig...

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  • The Versatile Banqueting Chandelier at IJorere

    The Versatile Banqueting Chandelier at IJorere

    Several years ago architect Ola Morin-Muhammed opened IJorere (pronounced E-JAW-RAY-RAY) an upscale event space for weddings and celebrations in Elgin, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She made her Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandelier the focus of the space. "Our chandelier is THE conversation piece of the venue" says...

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  • Bella NYC Magazine

    Bella NYC Magazine

    For those of you who received you Jan/Feb edition of Bella Magazine, you may have noticed that there was something not quite right. Firstly, you may have come across their Sophisticated Spaces spread: Cool, you may have thought -- the...

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  • High Point Market

    High Point Market

    We are just wrapping up a week at the High Point International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina.  It is stunning how much furniture is bought and sold over the few weeks of the market -- billions of dollars worth...

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  • The Gates Nightclub, Chelsea New York

    The Gates Nightclub, Chelsea New York

    Michael McHale Designs was fortunate to have provided the bar chandeliers and the sconces for the short-lived and much-missed Gates Nightclub on Eighth Avenue in New York.  The Gates was a well-known venue for celebrity birthday parties, television production parties,...

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  • Decor Girl

    Decor Girl

    Decor Girl Lisa M. Smith had a look at Michael McHale Designs a few years ago and we thought we'd link back to that interview, which you can see here. "From this one picture I knew I wasn’t going to...

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  • Steampunk Chandeliers and Steampunk Lighting

    Steampunk Chandeliers and Steampunk Lighting

    Michael McHale Designs' chandeliers have sympathetic elements with the steampunk aesthetic, but the differences are too many for our modernist industrial style chandeliers and designs to be considered steampunk.Steampunk has certainly emerged as a design and artistic aesthetic.  Insomuch as it...

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