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The Versatile Banqueting Chandelier at IJorere

The Versatile Banqueting Chandelier at IJorere

Several years ago architect Ola Morin-Muhammed opened IJorere (pronounced E-JAW-RAY-RAY) an upscale event space for weddings and celebrations in Elgin, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She made her Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandelier the focus of the space. "Our chandelier is THE conversation piece of the venue" says Ola.

She has taken a further step -- attaching fresh cut flowers to the fixture -- and the results are spectacular:
Ola says that they have also attached origami and other design elements to the chandelier, depending on the occasion.

Ola's architectural background is apparent in her aesthetic decisions she has made for the space, and its uniqueness and beauty have made it one of the more notable event spaces in the Chicago area.

IJorere is located in the heart of historical downtown Elgin at 51 S. Spring Street Loft 125A. For more information on the space, please contact 312.254.9807. The website is
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