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The Chandelier Blog at Michael McHale Designs

  • Keen for "The Keen"

    Keen for "The Keen"

    We're excited to showcase our latest collaboration with The Keen (1708 Lombard St.) out in Philadelphia. Their delightful menu captures good ole American flavors and flair, and well...we like how they've lit up the place. I'd personally recommend the  pig...

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  • Luxury Design meets Smart home

    Luxury Design meets Smart home

    We've always been curious how we can leverage innovation with our sophisticated case of style, and at some point, it was a great challenge. The Bushwick Lantern fuses these two worlds beautifully and takes lighting to a whole new level....

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  • Behold the Bushwick!

    Behold the Bushwick!

    The Bushwick Lantern continues the MMD tradition of creating new lighting forms out of familiar shapes. Here, four simple frames (Either all black steel, or with black steel horizontal and brass vertical frames) are discreetly connected together to hold in...

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  • Let the good times roll at Precinct 10

    Let the good times roll at Precinct 10

    This past spring, we worked with Precinct 10 in Weymouth, MA, and further enhanced their speakeasy feel. - A custom Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier against a painted tin ceiling from the Precinct 10 website.  Precinct 10 is a modern take on...

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  • Re-introducing our Industrial line

    Re-introducing our Industrial line

    Change is still happening at Michael McHale Designs, and I felt it was time to re-introduce our Industrial line. I can’t tell you how much joy and pleasure went into designing this line, and I wanted to add a bit...

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  • The Architectural Digest Show

    The Architectural Digest Show

    I know this is a horribly late blogpost, since the AD Show was last month and now we are scrambling to do the ICFF next month, but I wanted to thank everyone who came out to support us at the...

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  • Bella NYC Magazine

    Bella NYC Magazine

    For those of you who received you Jan/Feb edition of Bella Magazine, you may have noticed that there was something not quite right. Firstly, you may have come across their Sophisticated Spaces spread: Cool, you may have thought -- the...

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  • Our Seven-Year Itch

    Our Seven-Year Itch

    Really? Seven years? It's hard to believe that it's been seven years, but that otherwise annoying website/span generator LinkedIn notified me that seven years ago this month, I stopped calling myself a lawyer and started calling myself a chandelier maker....

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  • The Gates Nightclub, Chelsea New York

    The Gates Nightclub, Chelsea New York

    Michael McHale Designs was fortunate to have provided the bar chandeliers and the sconces for the short-lived and much-missed Gates Nightclub on Eighth Avenue in New York.  The Gates was a well-known venue for celebrity birthday parties, television production parties,...

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