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Luxury Design meets Smart home

Luxury Design meets Smart home

We've always been curious how we can leverage innovation with our sophisticated case of style, and at some point, it was a great challenge. The Bushwick Lantern fuses these two worlds beautifully and takes lighting to a whole new level. The Bushwick Lantern Smart Chandelier was designed to house and power an Amazon dot (seen in the center of the fixture between the two LIFX smart light bulbs) and be the 'center' of your smart home. 

  • The SMART CHANDELIER places your smart home's microphone in the optimal position to pick up voice commands.
  • THE SMART CHANDELIER houses the Dot behind a cube of optically pure crystal, that LED lights the Echo Dot displays while thinking is rendered infinitely more attractive and interesting behind the double-wall of optically-pure high-quality crystal.
  • THE SMART CHANDELIER comes with smart LIFX light bulbs which can be controlled by voice with the Echo Dot. You can, therefore, turn the fixture on and off, dim it, and turn it different colors, all with just voice commands. 

We're very excited to showcase this new pathway between technology and lighting. Stay tuned.


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