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Industrial Style Chandeliers in The Pearl – Doha, Qatar

Industrial Style Chandeliers in The Pearl – Doha, Qatar

Today we got our first peak at a job we did a while ago for The Vanity Room, a super-high-end fashion showroom located in The Pearl in Doha, Qatar.
We love how they crossed the three separate linear chandeliers to form a single spectacular three-level fixture. It is one of the many ways people have arranged Tribeca Bar Chandeliers to make unique installations.

The Vanity Room is located at 7 La Croisette on The Pearl, which — if you haven’t seen it before — is a new landfill project full of skyscrapers, marinas, and parks jutting out into the harbor in Doha, and looks like this:
It has been sculpted from the landfill in Doha’s harbor, and when finished will be a spectacular engineering achievement in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.
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