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Custom Lighting Design Services


Lighting is the first thing people notice when they look around a room. To make your space truly memorable, you need truly memorable lighting.  Designing such lighting fixtures is our passion, and we offer custom lighting design services so we can create memorable lighting for even the most unique visions and spaces. We can make customizations to any of our existing designs, or we can create a completely custom lighting solution that is  specific to your needs & desires and completely unique to you. We can arrange for site visits for clients in the New York City Metro area.

NB -- We only do unique and spectacular.

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Custom Lighting Project Examples

Large Spectacular Centerpieces

If your interior space is enormous, make your lighting worthy of that scale. We can make amazing signature pieces -- including the largest chandelier on Broadway -- that will make your guests/customers stare in awe.

Seasonal Floral Chandeliers

We make fixtures that are designed to have silk flower arrangements that can be changed for the seasons, for a special occasion, or when you just need a change. Perfect for event halls or any venue holding varied festive occasions.

Custom Fixtures From Hand-Worked Materials

Our handworked metal chandeliers span from polished yellow brass to waxed steel, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. We can work with you to achieve the look you’re after, but with our special spin.

Crystal Barrels

We sometimes make these very cool crystal barrel pendants, with custom sizes from 36” to 72” in diameter. Crystal grafted on metal mesh, either with downfacing spotlights or without. Either way, they really work.


We’ve offered a number of different kinds of sconces over the years and now make them to order for our customers. We generally use a mirrored backplate and then a crystal screen hanging in front of the luminaries. They look pretty amazing.


Our take on glitterbox chandeliers and lamps is memorable -- double-rows of crystal prisms framed by steel or brass. We now make them as custom orders. Please ask us what’s possible.

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