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From sparkly chandeliers made with the highest quality of crystals to strong, simple, and masculine light fixtures, Michael McHale Designs has the perfect piece for you. 

Crystal Cage LED Collection

Bright, warm light shines through thousands of crystals to create a level of shimmer and low-key liveliness like you've never seen in any light fixture before.

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Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca Collection is our introductory collection of iconic chandeliers, linear suspensions, and pendants, all  made from rough-hewn black steel and all-clear shimmering crystal. There is a timeless, heirloom quality about all of them. Ships in 1-5 days.

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Industrial Collection

This is our step-up, made-to-order collection The same overall shapes as in our starter Tribeca Collection, but everything is a little bigger and a little fancier. We will make these fixture to the exact size you need, and there are options for finish (black steel or bronze), with either all-clear crystal or with Swarovski colored crystal accents. Allow 2-5 weeks for delivery.

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Raw Collection

All industrial, no chic. The linear fixtures of The Raw Collection are masculine and muscular made of black steel industrial pipes. They fit in perfectly with industrial minimalism designs. 

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Matrix Collection

Whimsical, elaborate decorative linear fixtures providing an abundance of light and style. The Matrix Collection is perfect with decorative elements, or stripped down for a purely modern look.

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