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We got this the other day from Annie and Kevin Becker of Pepper Pike, OH, who purchased a Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier, sight-unseen, from our website:

"Our goal was to turn our straight and boxy 1954 house into something more architecturally interesting without changing its footprint. 

We bought the property about 10 years ago mostly because we were drawn to the beauty of the landscape - plenty of open space enclosed by a great amount of diverse, mature trees. Our design theme was industrial farmhouse, but it was important to us to use as may reclaimed, unprocessed, components as we could. We wanted every aspect possible to either be crafted by local artisans, a unique functional art piece, or reclaimed/repurposed materials. We also wanted it to look aged, like the house had always been this way. 

"We began the dining room renovation by refinishing the original white oak flooring in a red mahogany stain, and topping it with an antique Persian rug. At a local brick yard we were able to find reclaimed brick that was literally hand-scraped and stacked from buildings that were being demolished in the City of Cleveland - complete with graffiti! The wood for the barn door and the live-edge walnut shelf were purchased from a local company that kiln-dries regionally harvested wood, and then built on-site by a local artisan. I found the perfect angel door handle on crafted by an artist in Spain. We carried the white plank ceiling from the kitchen into the dining room, making it feel part of the kitchen (which was also remodeled by the amazing craftsmen of Leland Homes, along the same premise). 

"Every precise detail had come together just the way we had planned, but we still couldn’t find a light fixture that met our criteria. We knew we wanted crystals to dress up the dining room, but we didn’t want a traditional crystal chandelier. 

"We needed something that would really stand out and make a statement. What we wanted was “fancy” industrial. I searched for months, literally, and then I found Michael McHale. Hallelujah! I’m not a religious person, but by grace, it’s as if heaven and earth collided in the confines of our dining room. 

This chandelier is majestic, angelic, a billion trillion specs of color reflecting off each other. It’s warm glow, an embodiment of happiness and life. Thank you Michael McHale for perfectly capturing the essence of our dreams in this work of art. It’s simply divine."

Annie and Kevin Becker
Pepper Pike, OH