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The Chandelier Blog at Michael McHale Designs

  • Imagery Meets Reality

    Imagery Meets Reality

    We came across a beautifully executed project from Luna Grey Interiors and simply put, fell in love with the finished look. Luna’s approach is based on interactions and imagery with her clients. She takes into account all their needs and...

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  • Re-introducing our Industrial line

    Re-introducing our Industrial line

    Change is still happening at Michael McHale Designs, and I felt it was time to re-introduce our Industrial line. I can’t tell you how much joy and pleasure went into designing this line, and I wanted to add a bit...

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  • Steampunk Chandeliers and Steampunk Lighting

    Steampunk Chandeliers and Steampunk Lighting

    Michael McHale Designs' chandeliers have sympathetic elements with the steampunk aesthetic, but the differences are too many for our modernist industrial style chandeliers and designs to be considered steampunk.Steampunk has certainly emerged as a design and artistic aesthetic.  Insomuch as it...

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