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Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier in The New York Observer

Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier in The New York Observer

The Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier was recently shown - perfectly situated in a gorgeous Tribeca loft -- in an article in The Observer.  Will Meyerhofer, the owner of the renovated loft, features prominently in the article's discussion of whether it is better to spend your money on a building's amenities, or dropping the amenities and spending money on your interior space.

After discovering the article, we got in touch with Will, a former corporate attorney who is now a practicing therapist and writer -- to find out a little bit more about he and his partner William Kwok's design approach, and to find out a little more about him.

To highlight the dining room as the natural focal point of the space, Will stated: "We knew from the beginning we needed something special to hang above that big dining room table.  The tradeoff in this apartment was amenities for space - the loft is a huge open space - and within all that volume the dining area is the natural focus of everything.  We spent months searching for exactly the right piece to hang there, and we love how it turned out, like a perfect piece of jewelry that pulls everything together."

Will Meyerhofer is a former corporate attorney who went on to become a psychotherapist with a private practice located in his Tribeca loft.  Will has written several books, including "Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy" - a general introduction to the concepts underlying psychotherapy, and "Way Worse Than Being a Dentist" - a book about the mental health challenges of being a lawyer at a big law firm.  You can find out more about Will and his work on his page: A Quiet Room.

article reference : When the Extras Are Extraneous by Adam Bonislawski | 04/24/15 10:09pm (

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