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Industrial 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendant

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The Industrial 9-Bulb Chandelier Pendant is the newest model in our Industrial Collection and one of the most spectacular. At first glance it appears to be a traditional 3-tiered chandelier, though the sparkle will alert you to the fact that this is a high-end, quality fixture. Then you will notice the surprising fact that it is made entirely from rough pipes and fittings -- contrasting elements found within our everyday environment that the eyes have been trained to ignore. This piece is a satisfying study in what is capable of beauty.

  • Real, high-quality optically-pure crystal
  • Handmade in Brooklyn USA from rough black steel pipes and fittings
  • Easy to Install; hanging height adjustable to 60"; plain white disc canopy included.
  • Dimmable; compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs