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Tribeca Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension (29")

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The 29" Tribeca Bar Chandelier Linear Suspension is a classic Michael McHale Designs fixture, and a whimsical variation on typical crystal linear suspensions. The structure is made from rough-hewn industrial piping and fittings, and then drenched in a random array of high-quality gem-cut crystal. The message is one of contrast: formal vs informal; rough vs. smooth; masculine vs. feminine. To make all that contrast really pop, it is important to get all contrasting elements to the eye in equal measure, and this design really gets that balance exactly right. The result is both intuitive and emotive. These are chandeliers everyone can love. Put one over a table, kitchen island, in a hallway, or in front of a mirror. For larger applications, hang multiple at different heights - they will read as a single installation and will make a show-stopping centerpiece.

  • Real, high-quality optically-pure crystal
  • Handmade in Brooklyn USA from rough black steel pipes and fittings
  • Easy to Install; hanging height adjustable to 40"; plain white disc canopy and discreet zinc-plated ceiling hardware included.
  • Dimmable; compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs