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Tribeca Chandelier Table Lamp

Bring a bit of our industrial-glam bling to your table or desktop with the Tribeca Chandelier Table Lamp. Beautiful, high-quality, gem-cut crystals are contrasted with a simple structure of rough-hewn black steel pipes and fittings, casting interesting shadows and rainbows throughout the room. 

When you're at your table or desk and want to give your eyes a rest from the computer screen, why not rest your eyes on something simple yet complex and totally sophisticated?

If you are a chandelier lover who doesn't want to go through the hassle of installing something in your ceiling, consider this lamp. It's heavy, of heirloom quality, handmade in Brooklyn, USA, and is kind of perfect.

Standard size is 15" x 8" x 8" with 6" round weighted base. There is also a taller 18" version. Both versions Include 6ft of cord with wall plug and rocker switch or in-line dimmer switch.