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Crystal Cage LED Pendant

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New for 2022, The Crystal Cage LED Pendant shines powerful LED luminaries through a stainless steel cage full of gorgeous chandelier crystal for a sleek linear suspension that provides the most natural shimmer and sparkle available in any contemporary light fixture while providing plenty of light.

As the use of LED technology in decorative lights has proliferated in recent years, we noticed two issues: 1. The more aesthetically pleasing LED fixtures often don't provide very much light; and 2. The way that light is diffused usually isn't very compelling -- it's often just frosted plastic.

We wondered -- what if we could diffuse the light with crystal, and do it in such a way that the fixture would provide a useful amount of light.

For this task, we have employed powerful LED light engines that provide an impressive 1100 lumens of light. These luminaries shine through a stainless steel "cage" filled with thousands of high quality chandelier crystals. The result is a light that provides a satisfying amount of warm light while catching the eye with plenty of shimmer and movement and refraction.

The cutting-edge LED tech warms the light as it dims using a conventional phase dimmer to warm, shimmering embers. Flicker protection is onboard.

There are no power bricks to hide, making installation simple and easy. An on-board surge protector protects the electronics.

This fixture is 12" x 5.5" x 5.5" long. We also also make 36" and 48" long versions.

Custom lengths, finishes, and technical specs for this fixture can be made by special order.