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Studio Dearborn

Studio Dearborn

A new year is here! I always try to find new goals and ways to change up my year. There’s always the aspirational goals we put out for ourselves, but what about goals for our home? It can be about adding plants or painting walls or even adding a light fixture for small touches, but what about bigger ones? Big changes make sense at the start of the year.

Changing your kitchen is no doubt an undertaking, but I find what Sarah Robertson does at Studio Dearborn to be refreshing in changing out the ‘old’ and bringing in the ‘new’. Her experience on the value of organization in the kitchen is absolutely treasured. She sees the art of the kitchen as I do with lighting in terms of expression, illumination, and layout and the synergy between them. She sees cabinetry, as I do lighting, as it being the ‘heart of the home’, and by giving an honest appraisal of what actually works for the space. She takes into effect both internal and external variables when envisioning, developing, and executing her designs, as I do with my own designs. Now that we’re in a new year, it’s a great time for some change, and Studio Dearborn is a great start to 2017.

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