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Gabrielle Santiago

Not every idea on paper makes sense? Some we have to be creative about and find the angle that draws us to what’s right. When I first Gabrielle’s idea of mixing a Tribeca chandelier with lucite dining room chairs, I couldn’t immediately picture it. But Gabrielle thinks out of the box, and that’s something that I value in the people I partner with. Her colorful and jubilant persona match her style aesthetic, and it’s always interesting when you partner with someone who challenges that in you. Her vision completely transformed the room, and it made all the difference when I saw the finished product. I challenge every person to follow Gabrielle’s example and to try something ‘out-of-the-box’ and see where it takes them. You don’t know unless you try, and that’s always something I try to push myself in how I design and envision future lighting. Push yourself to meet that challenge. Good luck!

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